Out on the Shelves Library


Out on the Shelves Library


Open Monday to Friday 4:00 to 10:00 p.m.

    Saturdays (closed until further notice)


Out on the Shelves, the Library at The Centre, is one of the largest LGTB community libraries in Canada with almost 5,000 titles in the collection. The Library provides the opportunity for members of the LGTB communities, and their allies, to borrow a wide range of LGTB related reading and audio/visual materials. Thus, our collection includes books, magazine’s, newspapers, videos, audio tapes, travel manuals, and a clippings file. The Library functions due to the hard work of a volunteer staff team of over 20 people.

To become a member of the library you need to purchase a Centre membership, as well as sign a borrower’s contract with Out on The Shelves. Memberships are available at both the Library and The Centre’s Reception Office. Do you want to contact us about your membership?



Come on down to Out on The Shelves. We’re your community’s library!


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