Education and Outreach

Lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual (LGTB) people face unique challenges accessing information and services that are sensitive to their health needs.

With funding from the Vancouver Coastal Health, Education and Outreach Services was established to help advance the health and well-being of LGTB individuals and communities.

This is achieved through conducting awareness training, developing resource materials, and coordinating community health initiatives.

Peter Toppings
Program Coordinator


Promoting Culturally Relevant Care

Education and Outreach Services offers LGTB awareness training for health care professionals and social service providers on a range of topics. Workshops can be tailored to include discussions of LGTB culture, violence against and within communities, health issues, barriers to care and strategies for increasing accessibility.

To date, Outreach and Education Services has conducted trainings at many different organizations including community health centres, crisis centres, victim services, colleges and universities. Education and Outreach Services also provides information tables at community events and conferences. To book a workshop for your organization, contact Education and Outreach Services.


Resource Materials

Education and Outreach Services has developed resource materials for LGTB people and service providers. To receive free copies, contact Education & Outreach Services.

  • Removing Barriers & Building Access
    A comprehensive resource manual on providing culturally relevant services to lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual victims of violence. Includes sections on understanding LGTB identities and culture; anti-LGTB incidents (hate crimes); relationship violence; and suggestions on providing culturally relevant services. Useful to any service provider and organization providing support to victims, directly or indirectly.

  • LGTB Health Matters
    Series of four pamphlets that highlight health concerns and community resources for each population. Please click on the appropriate link to download the pamphlets in PDF format: Lesbian Health Matters, Gay Men's Health Matters, Transgender Health Matters, and Bisexual Health Matters. (You will need the Acrobat Reader in order to view the PDF files. Click here to download Acrobat Reader if it is not already installed on your computer). Printed copies of the pamphlets can also be requested by contacting Education and Outreach Services*

  • Rightfully PROUD
    Series of five legal pamphlets on the rights and responsibilities of LGTB people and their families in B.C. Please click on the appropriate link to download the pamphlets in PDF format: Adventures in Parenting, Human Rights & Discrimination, In Health, Through Illness & Loss, Income Tax: What Same-Sex Couples Need to Know, and Same-Sex Partnerships: Rights & Responsibilities.

  • Creating Strong & Safe LGBT Communities
    Series of five pamphlets developed by The Centre in partnership with BC Association of Specialized Victim Assistance & Counselling Programs. Please click on the appropriate link to download the pamphlets in PDF format: Hate Crimes, Abuse in Same-Sex Relationships, Trangender People & Relationship Abuse, Healthy Relationships for Gay Men, Healthy Relationships for Lesbians

  • STOP LGTB Bashing
    Pamphlet highlighting self-defence strategies including steps to staying safe and how to be a good witness. Includes list of community resources.

  • LGTB Bashing – The Police Response System
    Pamphlet on what to do (and to expect) if you are bashed or witness a bashing. Includes list of community resources.

  • Accessibility Matters
    Iinformation and resources on valuing lesbian, gay, transgender & bisexual people living with chronic health conditions and disabilities.

  • Body Image & Gay Men
    Iinformation and resources on body image concerns in the gay men's community, including eating disordres and steroid use.

*LGTB Health Matters pamphlets loaded onto website with assistance from Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada

Community Health Initiatives

Education and Outreach Services coordinates opportunities for the community to come together to explore and discuss a range of issues relating to LGTB physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and sexual health and well-being. Workshops and community forums have covered topics such as:

  • abuse in same-sex relationships
  • body image
  • healthy eating & nutrition
  • LGTB families and parenting
  • pap clinics for queer women & transgender people
  • self-care for trans people
  • spirituality
  • substance use
  • valuing people with disabilities
  • and many others

Education and Outreach also helps to coordinate and participates in various community health initiatives in partnership with other organizations and community groups. Some of these include Pride Health Services, Building Accessibility Together Working Group, Gay Men’s Health Action – Euphoria, and the LGTB Anti-Violence Network.

These events invite and encourage LGTB people to participate in their own health and well being. By bringing people together, they also help reduce the isolation and marginalization that many LGTB people experience. Workshops and forums are held in various neighborhoods of Vancouver to provide a more accessible service to our communities.

LGTB Anti-Violence Project

Education & Outreach Services is partnering with the BC Association of Specialized Victim Assistance & Counselling Programs on a new provincial LGTB anti-violence initiative.


Education and Outreach Services is a resource for LGTB and broader communities. If you would like more information, contact Peter Toppings at (604) 684-6548 or email: [email protected]

Your health matters – participate and stay healthy!

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