About us

Volunteer appreciation BBQ The present "Centre" is alive and thriving today because of a long history of volunteer participation and commitment in service to the community.For the past 25 years volunteers have staffed the community centre and provided cultural resources, information, education, support, and direct services that enhance the pride, health, and well being of the lesbian, gay, transgendered, and bisexual (LGTB) communities.
With increased government funding The Centre has hired staff to support the efforts of volunteer and to expand the resources to LGTB individuals, communities, allies, and service providers. We offer diverse programs and a place for people to celebrate their unique identities and be themselves.

The Mission Statement reflects the values and commitment of the Board of Directors, volunteer staff, and employees:

The Centre is a community resource providing support, health and social services, and public education for the well being of lesbians, gay men, transgendered and bisexual people and their allies in Vancouver throughout B.C.

The Centre is committed to building pride and acceptance of diversity and to mitigating the impact of homophobia, heterosexism, transphobia and biphobia.

The Centre welcomes and values all people regardless of race, religion, sex, national or ethnic origin, marital status, family status, colour, age, disability, pardoned conviction, sexual orientation, gender identity, and source of income.